High End Reliable Cars Under £10,000!

10kCars.co.uk is an online resource that allows people all over the UK to buy and sell high quality, safe and reliable pre-owned cars and other vehicles using our safe and easy to use platform. We are quite a bit more than an electronic version of the wan-ads! We give our customers the platform they need to get the word out widely, quickly, and to just the people they need to reach.
We don’t buy or sell cars ourselves, of course. We connect people who are in the market to buy used cars with those who have reliable cars under £10k to sell. We make both getting the word out and finding the used car you need simple, easy and, perhaps most importantly, cheap.
What 10kCars.co.uk does for private used car buyers and sellers?

· Buying
Our constantly updated, searchable database of more 700 high quality used vehicles, all with an asking price of £10,000 or less, makes finding your next car fast, easy and typically less expensive than going to a used car dealership in person. You certainly have a lot more to choose from!

· Selling
We have the tools you need to make selling your vehicle painless. Not only is the process extremely simple for both you and the buyer, the paperwork is a snap too. Everything signed, legal and official without work or worry on your part!

· Marketing
The hardest part of getting a good price for your used car is reaching someone who really wants to buy it. Your local dealership won’t give you the best price if they don’t know for a fact that they can sell it in a matter of days. The odds of reaching a really interested buyer by just putting a For Sale sign in the window is extremely low – especially if you don’t live in one of the bigger cities. 10kcars.co.uk puts your car in front of people who are searching for exactly that type of car from all over the UK. That ensures real interest, and the best price for you.

What 10kCars.co.uk does for auto traders?

· Buying
10kcars.co.uk makes it easy for you to find the stock you need to keep your business growing. Better still, you get to be choosy – search our massive database for the exact makes, models and years that sell in your area, often at prices set in areas where they don’t sell as fast.

· Selling
Listing your stock on 10kcars.co.uk puts it in front of thousands of interested buyers who are searching for exactly what you have to offer. That means if you’ve got the price point right, you’ll sell fast, and fast sales mean profit.

· Marketing
Traditional advertising is expensive, and all too often fails to reach the people who are actually ready to buy. Listing your stock with us, however, lets you reach a finely targeted audience right away, and for less than you would pay otherwise.

· Managing
We give you the data and access you need to manage your stock more effectively. Know right away what is selling where, and what the people in your service area really want and need. In the end, we help you sell more, faster, and closer to the ideal price point. After all, if you know who you are selling to, the rest is easy. 
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